The Sinovich Group was established in 1894 by Jure Sinovich, a hard working immigrant of Croatian decent, on his arrival in Pretoria. The family business was first established as a farming concern when Jure concluded his first transaction, a rental agreement for a farm 3km West of Pretoira’s CBD, with the intention of setting up a market garden and the aspiration of eventually purchasing his own land to farm. By 1904, Jure’s hard work and aptitude for farming paid off and enabled him to purchase a 45ha farm 8km North of Pretoria’s CBD, strategically situated between the Apies River as it’s Eastern boundary and the North bound railway as it’s Western boundary.

Our Family History

The death of Jurie’s wife, Ursula in child birth, prompted his eldest son, George Anton Sinovich, to step in and help his father with farming operations at the age of 12, while still attending school. After completing his schooling, George Anton joined his father, in partnership, to farm full time. In 1927, Jurie and George Anton purchased their second farm, 50ha 5km West of Pretoria’s CBD which was to become ‘home’ to George Anton.

George Anton was a humanitarian and a man of tremendous energy and vision. He was active in both community and Catholic Church affairs in Hercules and Pretoria. In 1933, at the age of 28 George Anton was named mayor of Hercules, he served as a member of Wonderboom in the Transvaal Provincial Council and Honorary Council for the Royal Yugoslav Government in South Africa. His nomination as Member for Wonderboom in the Transvaal Provincial Council was supported by all political parties of that era.

George Anton’s vision for the Northern residential expansion of Pretoria led him to purchase a 450ha on the Northern slopes of the Magaliesberg, which today incorporates the Wonderboom Agricultural Holdings and the suburb of Sinoville, where some 1,450 erven which are named after him. It took him 11 years to persuade the authorities to grant him the right to commence with his proposed residential development North of Pretoria, which was approved the day after he died in 1957. George Anton was survived by his wife Mary and their children: Ursula, George Vincent, Anthony and Vincent who inherited the farms.

In the family business, George Anton was initially succeeded by his son in law, the late Aldo Buffa, married to Ursula in 1955 and his eldest son, the late George Vincent. Aldo, an Engineer by trade, attended to the services, water and roads of the township of Sinoville. As Sinoville was still classed as a “peri-urban area”, the family had to purchase water from Pretoria and re-sell it to the residents of Sinoville, along with the provision of other basic services. In 1963, the first convenience shopping centre was built in Sinoville, soon after in 1965, Sinoville was incorporated into Pretoria.

In 1971 and 1974, Anthony and Vincent joined Aldo fulltime in the Sinovich Group and started developing high density erven as well as commercial erven in Sinoville. This included the first registration of a sectional title unit in the form of duplex flats in Sinoville. A larger community shopping centre was built on the previous centre’s site and further shopping centres were built and purchased by the Group. The Sinovich Group also moved into township development, purchasing land and developing numerous suburbs in the Northern and Eastern quadrants of Pretoria.

Charles Buffa, son of Aldo, joined the group in 1984 as the first 4th generation, great grandchild of Jure, to enter the family business. Today Anthony, Vincent and Charles still serve of the board of the Sinovich Group and are supported on the board by Adriaan Potgieter, the first non family member to be made a director of Sinovich Group, Warrick Fulford, son in law of Vincent, and Anton, son of Anthony.

Rainbow Junction, A 140H mixed use development
ECO-One A 35Ha sustainable, Light industrial

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